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    Children with ALLLife.

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  • The NUSchool RealPurpose Adventure

    The NUSchool HomeSchool, WWWE~Wonderful WorldWide Educators, have created is for a RealPurpose just for YOU & Your Children & Everyone. WWWE have created Something Wonderful for Your Planet Earth, and a Lot More than just another ordinary career for Your Children's FuturNow. WWWE have a Real Purpose with everything WWWE do and Our RealFocus is with The ALLNatural Environment Supporting ALL of US, as WWWWE Support Everyone with US as UNUversal Sponsors. The ALLNatural Environment that consists of more than just Nature, really does need a lot of tending to from each of US, and WWWE Pay Attention to Everything on Your Planet Earth, because there is a Lot More Happening with Your RealFood, RealWater & RealAir than you already know!


    For most people, the basic idea of their life at this time is to get a 'standard education' and then find a job in the workplace for a corporation that probably Does Not Care about Your Planet Earth & The ALLNatural Environment as WWWE DO! WWWE have a Greater Idea, and actually, WWWE have so many Great Ideas that WWWE cannot keep up with OurSelves! WWWE are Not political or religious, as WWWE Do Recognize the choices of others. WWWE are Simply Real & Make Sense of what WWWE are doing Here for Everyone!


    WWWE are on a Great Adventure with what WWWE are Creating and Doing, and YOU are Welcome to Join US, and WakeUp & StepUp into a NUAwareness to where YOU Learn to SeeMore than ever before. WWWE each have the ability and imagination to Create RealBenefits and Make Better Choices with Everything WWWE Do. The NUSchool HomeSchool is the First Step into a Journey to RealSuccess for Everyone. As YOU & Your Children learn the Basics of Survival, which is RealFood, RealWater and Breathing RealAir, then you will better understand what WWWE have created as an OverALL Benefit that leads to more than just old age and retirement. From The NUSchool and then into The Nations United UNUversal UNUversity, and then into a Real Purpose with The ALLSolar Research Vessel Projects of HydroPonics, Self Sustaining Communities and Local Businesses that Support ALL UNUversal Communities... YOU have Finally Arrived to where YOU Want to Be! There is So Much More to US than what WWWE are here, and as YOU Explore Further, YOU will Discover what WWWE have Created is an 'Adventure Like No Other!'

  • Your Family IS The Best Education

    to grow up with and as You Become a Sponsor You are Sponsoring Your Children and Children WorldWide with The NUSchool HomeSchool International Association dedicated to providing RealGuidance, RealEducation, and RealOpportunities for ALL. As You become a Sponsor for The ALLNatural Environment that Supports all of Us, You are also Sponsoring The UNUversal UNUversities for Your Children and building of The ALLSolar Research Vessels for This World. Your Children can Be Involved with All of This and have RealCareers with The ALLSolar Research Vessels!

  • Join US in Creating Videos with Your Children & Their RealSide Experiences

    The Standardized Educational System is Purposely Designed to Keep YOU and Your Children unaware of their TruPotential.

    WWWE as Wonderful WorldWide Educators have a RealPosition for YOU to Become SelfSufficient & Free from the Restrictions you have come to know.


    WWWE show you how to Become MoreAware and supersede all the rules, regulations and Restrictions from the Kontrolling Systems. YOU do Not have to rebel or protest to anything!

    WWWE show YOU how to have a RealLife while still living with what your life on Your Planet Earth is Now. Would you like to Seee Beyond all your limitations into NUWorlds & Real UNUversISSS of RealFreedom? YOU can with US!


    WWWE have created 'Nations United UNUversal UNUversity ~ NUUU' just for YOU & Everyone! WWWE are RealEducators with RealGuidance and a RealEducation like no one else! WWWE show YU, The RealU, how to Seee The RealSide LifeIS with RebISar & The Real UNUversal Guides.

    Parents can 'Learn to Listen' to their Children who Love The ALLNatural Environment Supporting ALL of US!​

    As people grow up and become conditioned and educated, they also become Self-Convinced in so many ways, which sometimes blocks out what can be Very Beneficial for Everyone. There really is so much more to what all of us experience, and especially with Children, who are usually More Open to Seeing what the Adults cannot! Autistic Children have their own unique experiences, and this is where it is sometimes hard for the Parent to See Past their Physical Condition and to Recognize. The so-called 'Rainbow & Indigo Children' also have their Personal & RealSide Experiences with their life that many times surprise their Parents and others. As I was raised by my mother and I would share what I was experiencing in my personal life, she would sometimes imply that I was just 'imaging' things about what I really was experiencing. Many parents are like this, as they 'think' their Children having certain extra ordinary experiences seem to be some kind of 'fantasy' to them, and which are many times Reality to others. I raised my daughter, and one important thing I always did was Listen to Her and everything she experienced, and even with Her Dreams at night. Children are actually a NUDoorway to Something a Lot Bigger & Better than what is here on Your Planet Earth. While Your Child is Young, and especially up to about 12 years old, I would suggest to Listen Very Closely to what they have to Share with YOU! There will always be so much More that YOU are Not Seeing! Only YOU Can Decide to Take The Risk to SeeMore, and when you do... YOU Will Love it!

    WWWE... Have a RealPurpose like no one else!

    WWWE are Everywhere on Your Planet Earth as a RealBenefit for ALL. WWWE Always Support The ALLNatural Environment Supporting US. WWWE are More than 'doing business' as usual and just another 'career' to chase. WWWE show YOU how to have a RealPurpose with Your Life and a RealSuccess to Become MoreAware and SelfSufficient! YOU will Have More Fun Learning what WWWE are Sharing for Everyone with WWECare.org, The NUShool HomeSchooling International Association, NUUU~Nations United UNUversal UNUversities & The ALLSolar Research Vessel Projects. WWWE are Here for YOU!

  • Contact Sandy & Mary

    Hello, I am Mary with my two children Jailyn and Patrick and I am a WorldWide Educator with Nations United NUSchool HomeSchool and The Nations United UNUversal UNUversity. WWWE as Wonderful WorldWide Educators LUV The ALLNatural Environment Supporting ALL of US, and this is why WWWE created The NUSchool, The Nations United UNUversal UNUversity and The ALLSolar Research Vessel Projects for Everyone to Become MoreAware and WakeUp on Your Planet Earth. WWWE invite you to take some time to see what WWWE are presenting as a RealBenefit for ALL!


    If you'd like to Join US send us a message or give us a Call!

    Sandy Staehling 715-693-2445

    Mary Duffy 610-809-7792

  • Enjoy Making Natural Sodas

    Something kids can do on their own!

  • Physical Healing with

    Fermented Cabbage & Kale Juice

    Make & Drink with your kids!

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